Tuesday, May 29, 2007


It is amazing that you can spend hours, days and even weeks and months working on digital pieces. The journey that these images take are interesting travels of the subconscious. In recent meditations I have been listening to some music that is supposed to expand your creativity.

I began working using my new Canvas painter and a new brush called the furry brush. Then using color and blending, and drawing and basically experimenting and playing I created an image I call "Landing" --- that piece is at the end of this blog. However, I thought I would show you the process.

I might say the process is like progress. You try one brush, or one effect and then move to the next never really knowing where it will lead you. Like this step which reminds me of a moth's wing. I am sure that I could keep working and working --- traveling so to speak - but I reached the final destination for today, and this was the landing point.

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Anonymous said...

Furry Brush...
Grrrrrr! (with hand up in bear paw pose)

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking the first picture is the man of my dreams.