Wednesday, July 04, 2007


This is an image of a piece of art created by my friend, Jim Frederick. He did this for a fundraiser, he did it for his friends, it is called connected. I was just beginning to know him then, I helped him photograph this and create a card with the complete image on it. Many of his friends who attended the fundraiser that night each got a piece of the final piece - it is a metaphor for how Jim connected with people and how is art and life connected with us all. Each of us is a seperate work of art, yet we are connected to the whole...and when you put the pieces together you see the greatness of the whole, and the threads, lines, and colors that connect us and our lives. For those of you reading Jim's Dad's blog ( you know that Jim has had better days --- connect and send the spirit so Jim can find some comfort, and his family and friend, Karen C, who are by his side can connect with him.

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