Sunday, July 15, 2007

Popsicle Toes - A medical mystery

I am sorry that I haven't blogged in a while. Last Monday I was not feeling well with several sharp pains in my right chest under my ribs. I stayed home and rested thinking it would get better - it only got worst - so at 3am I got in my car and drove to the emergency room at Park Plaza Hospital. At 3:30 am I was admitted very quickly, then did various tests on me (blood tests, sonogram, x-rays) and they could not find anything wrong. But to me the pain was excrutiating - the worst pain since I broke my arm when I was 12 years old. Finally at 8:30 am they sent me home with directive to take some Milk of Magnesium and things would get better. I did just that - 3 hours later I was vomiting (3 times) and had a fever - on my sheet it said if that were to happen to return promptly - which I did. This time I took a taxi rather then drive to the emergency room.
They all looked strange at me at the emergency room when I returned. This time it was not as quick a response - it is now 2:30pm. It took about 2 hours for them to move me from the waiting room to a bed, then another 3 hours before a doctor came to see me. This time it was the same doctor from the late night before they had just changed shifts. He was rude, confrontational, and in definite need of some bedside manner - it was like he believed his charts more that what I was saying - after a few questions he left and said he was going to try and get a doctor to admit me. They finally did and admitted me to what I later learned was an observation room. I was not able to have any food or drink - NPO was posted on my door. They gave me morphine for the pain which did help me somewhat, it was uncomfortable to do anything but lay on my back and times that was uncomfortable. I had not had a bowel movement since Monday am - and now it is Tuesday night, but I have not had any food either. The days start to blur, phones calls to a few friends, co-workers and Mom&Dad. I was still in pain and they could not figure out what was wrong - they sent a specialist - who put my parents to ease with explaining that all my vital organs seemed to be working fine. But I still had the pain - it seemed like I has all the symptoms of shingles without the blisters. Finally they allowed me some ice chips to suck on, and then now Thursday, with still no definite diagnoses - they let me try some liquid food, then moved to low fat food. Flowers arrived (Thank You - The Office, Steve & Stephen, Denise, Tommy & Rich) Visitors started to call, email chains of information - amazing the connection and how fast and how far word can travel. I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers over the past week, as all the offers for assistance in many ways and forms. Co-workers came to visit me (thanks Kevin, Shana, Sara and Jody) and my friend Karen came from Dallas, she is a RN and wanted to help me - it was perfect timing because that night they came in and said since they could not find anything wrong, they gave me the pain medicine and sent me home. Karen and Jody were there and helped me get into Karen's car it is now around 9:30pm on Thursday night. Karen took my prescriptions to Walgreen's which she picked up in the morning - I tried to sleep but it was very uncomfortable and the pain patch wore off and I had no medicine. We started the day getting on the medicine, and lots of resting - every day and every hour things would get better although - the highlights are taking showers, being able to sleep (for a minimum of 4 hours - and yesterday it was 7 hours), eating healthy but good food (who knew Karen could cook! - yes she made some chicken breast with Italian seasoning with Green beans & potatoes), eating sugar-free Popsicles ! I had a good conversation with Jim on Saturday from his hospital bed - we joked about how much art each of had sold today! (Only he did not know that a client picked up her commission piece "The Family Tree" and I got paid). It was great to his his voice and spirit. We bought agreed it was time to focus on getting well so we could get back to creating more art. The pain has stopped for the most part now I am just dealing with getting energy back and digestive problems. We think the digestive problems and dizziness might be related to the medicine I am taking, so we are trying to make it through today with out that medicine. So without a definitive diagnoses, it seems like I am a medical mystery! Thanks to everyone for your calls, emails, flowers, and cheer, thoughts and prayers - now it is time to enjoy a Popsicle.
P.S. The picture I took in the hospital with my new iPhone. Interesting colors and composition.


pfred said...

Good to hear your ok. Karen can cook???? who new. She said she never cooks you are special.
Big guy asked about you today he may come home tomorrow.
get well

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is true, I do cook, but I'm so much better at eating and tipping, that I like to go with what I know!!!! Yeah for everyone being out of the hospital. I hope we can stay with that plan.

Karen C.

sarah jane said...

YIKES. Wow Billy. you're officially in my thoughts. ;)

Anonymous said...

Karen doesn't cook un;ess she has too.She does have sume pretty poys,