Tuesday, July 17, 2007


It was a day of getting rid of toxins - some were just my body getting back to knowing how to work and have a regular BM (not my initials), some are what I believe the drugs that were in my system from the hospital - I have been totally off drugs now for two full days, the pain is gone except for the gas & bloating pain.

I took a few naps today and they were very vivid and wild - I dreamed I awoke in my old house in Getzville and the new owners were in the bathroom. Then my Dad was the invisible man and needed help getting getting shirts out of the closet before the new owners caught us. I found a piece a paper and took that - we left the house and I saw the new owners took off the garage of the house (they will not be happy come winter) - then I read the paper and found out the Lionel Ritchie was my dad and we lived on the same street as Karen C. --- and if you thought it couldn't get any strangers then I dreamed that Alice from the Brady Bunch was shrunken and doing a reality cooking show in my intensines with the cast of the Brady Bunch kids.

So now I have taken some imodium to hopefully stop the runs, and get back to feeling some full energy. Watched my secret pleasure Big Brother tonight and now getting ready for bed.

Sweet or Strange Dreams tonight?


Anonymous said...

totally off drugs????? hummmmm

Anonymous said...

I always new those Brady kids were little shits!

Karen C.