Sunday, September 14, 2008


The beauty is that some places can be a haven in the storm. That haven is the local coffee shop with Internet access that has power. The rest of the neighborhood is without power, but the cafe is doing a briskbusiness and I am taking this chance to update the blog for my family and friends who read this.

As you can see this is the pink house (compare to the previous post) - can you see the tree that fell on the house next door. Not many branches and leaves left - the car is ok, just a bent antenna, and it has become a haven for airconditioning and charging the cell phone.

This is a picture of the Buffalo Buyou that if you look closely you can see the lights that light up the waling path...all underwater... they are normally 10-12 feet high -so the water is really high!

This is Washington Street & Sawyer-as you can see the line of cars as far as you can see, the police stopping traffic.... they are in line to go to the local Target which is open....but they are only letting a few cars at a time,
becuase their is a building that collapsed on Sawyer.

This is a few of the skyline....not sure if you can tell but many of the skyscrapers have windows out.
So here it is 24hours since IKE roared through. Now we are awaiting power, awaiting water, ---when the simple things in life are put in perspective. Thank you to all the friends and family that have made calls to me or my parents. As long as the Catalina Coffee Shop is open - I have place to visit get some java and some electricity and some internet!
XXoo Billy

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