Monday, September 29, 2008

My First Canadian Painting

After spending the weekend with Carmen one of the things we did was discuss art. I shared my story about how I had created some art painting using found objects of crushed cans. She mentioned that she had seen an artist create art from crushed cigarette packs that littered some of the Toronto streets. As we spent time this weekend walking around in the drizzle and rain, I spied a discarded cigarette package lying in the street among the fallen leaves. After drying it out, a quick trip to Michaels for some art supplies, I created my first painting called "Toronto Smokes" in Canada. I used elements to remind Carmen of our walks, leaves, the cigarette pack, ripped newspaper that contains a graphic of the Skylon Tower, graphic elements to represent the city, steps, and time. The painting is small, 8"x10"- but it was created in my hotel room with limited suppplies. It is only a matter of time and the Canadian Seven invite me to become the first American to join them. (Wishful Thinking!)
Copyright 2008 William H. Miller All Rights Reserved


Karen said...

I hope Carmen knows that you are taken (wink, wink)!

Fellow Worker said...

That's the CN Tower in Toronto, the Skylon Tower is in Niagara Falls on the Canadain side.