Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Kindness of Strangers - Tuesday

Just a short post as the Internet Cafe that became a haven is now like a factory for all those with computers, cellphones, blackberrys and need a charge and some communication with the outside world. They are limiting users to an hour, which is plenty of time, but certainly not for some who planned on camping out in the cool airconditioning.

Yesterday, I met my neighbors behind me - I am still with out power, but they never lost power. Strange how the electric grid works. So after a knock on their door, an introduction, they agreed to let me run an extension cord from their front door to my back door. The cord runs into my kitchen and has my refrigerator hooked up. Back in the business of keeping items cool and making ice. Can not believe how a simple electrical applicance can be so important here.

I was able to return some kindness to them by giving their car battery a jump. Strange how you can live next to people and not know them until something like this happens. Now I have welcome faces on both sides of me and across the street.

The artshow that we planned for Team Tough as Jim has been cancelled until October (we are hopeful that Jim will be back in Dallas then).

Take care - Billy


Anonymous said...

sounds like somebody needs banana bread!!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy keeping up with you and the not so pleasant adventure. Hang in there!


Karen said...

I have been praying for the return of your electricity. I'm glad God answered the prayer, and got you introduced to your neighbors as an added bonus.