Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cherish is the word

Today's Starbucks meeting was attended by Jim, Karen, Burt and myself; as well as a phone call from Michael in Buffalo. The minutes of the meeting are as follows. Jim is the Bitterest. Jim was giving out his number and talking to others via cellphone at the same Starbucks. Timmer was unable to attend even though we gave permission for him to attend because he was in Portland OR being given an award for being the 2nd best Vet in the US! He even had a luau (almost Phillipines!). Karen was given the laptop that was Mark's so she could do her school work in exchange for a donation to his scholarship fund. Jim put it out on the table that I was committed to giving $10 for every pound that I loose from now till Feb 2nd to Mark's scholarship fund in honor of his birthday. Sounds like my friends are going to also be supporting me by making donations in different amounts for every pound I loose. Talk about encouragement! Everyone wants Everyone to know that we Cheesish (Cherish, unless you spell like Jim) each other. I prefer Cheddar! Michael A called and said either you are in or you are out! Obviously Armando was "OUT"! Armando said that he was still working on selling that listing and was unable to attend, but he did attend last week when no one made it. Some say that he may have been sitting outside of Baja Fresh remembering.

Until we meet again!

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