Friday, October 27, 2006

The pink house

This is the pink house that I am thinking of leasing. It is in the Historic Sixth Ward of Houston. The house has more than enough room for my "stuff".

It is on a corner (in this area of town, they have ditch areas not regular curbs & sidewalks. However on the side of the house there is a sidewalk. The home behind me the landlord also owns and rents to two tenants, and the landlord lives across the street, and directly across and next to where the landlord lives, he is putting another home on a lot which has been moved what he told me is the oldest house in Houston.

It is an interesting choice, an up and coming historic district, somewhat bohemian, and definitely different then living in a community property where everything is new. This has older appliances, bathrooms with the old claw tubs (yes they still have showers). It does not have covered parking or a garage, but it does have a driveway.

It is closed in driving time to my office. It has multiple entrances, so a section could be used as an office, or possibly even a gallery. (I am checking on that).

Spent the entire day today looking at properties, tomorrow will do much of the same and try to make a decision - any advice you would like to give - call or email.

happy birthday Rob - sorry I am missing your birthday !



Anonymous said...

What the bleep! listen to that voice....go outside the comfort zone. Go pink mary! the marketing potentiel for your new digs in houston are huge...

and the extra room WILL be a studio so you WILL continue you're art...Ill make sure of that...
partial to pink

sarah jane said...

super cute!