Sunday, October 15, 2006

Marathon Art and More

Sunday started out with breakfast of oatmeal and fresh fruit and coffee. Right outside the hotel they were beginning the Toronto Marathon. Thousands of runners. After I finished breakfast I went outside and they were passing by the hotel again, it was about 18 km, and they were on their way. It was fun to cheer the runners as they passed by.

The I took the subway down to Osgoode street and came up from underground to see the other end of the Marathon, and believe it or not they actually had people running here. This was mile 25 - so they were finishing.

I proceeded down Queen Street West, looking for the MOCCA (Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art). While walking and seeing the sites of great graffiti, I ran into some scary friends of Bud, Chester and Virgil. It may even have been them in their Halloween Costumes because they were a little scary.

After about a 3 mile walk to the MOCCA down Queen St. W --- seeing the Art & Design District. I think I walked about a total of 7 miles total.

At one point I walked a sidewalk artist do his art.
I saw this on a sign, and it made me think of Jim & I and Art Patrol.

After walking I ate a late lunch at the restaurant called Day Break. It was a great breakfast diner. I over did my calories, but figured with how sore my feet were I could spare a few extra.

After a great breakfast for my lunch, I walked some more, took the subway back to the Novotel and then a long nap! Boy did all the walking wear me out.

After waking, I took a nice shower, then headed out again for another walk. It reminded me walking in the cold crisp air of when I lived in New York City. You walk almost everywhere and you never think about it. The cold air keeping your cheeks red, and ears cold. I stopped in for a slice of pepperoni pizza and Sprite. (again not on my diet, but I could not find a place to get a chicken breast) - I still think I was well within my caloric intact.

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