Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Doctor's Orders

Well the Doctor and Surgeon have given the ok for me to return to my corporate job on Monday. I have been building my strength up by getting up early and staying awake all day (no more afternoon naps, darn). I worked some more on "wings" today.
I also took a picture of this painting that I have been trying to decide if it is done.

This is a painting that I struggled with becuase of the bright colors, so I took lessens from Jim and I added some stain. I used a ivory stain and a brown stain to mute the colors. I think it is now heading in the right direction.
More art and stories to come (along with lots of rain!)
Copyright 2007 William H Miller All Rights Reserved


Anonymous said...

stains are our friend!

Anonymous said...

I like the second painting the way it is. Good luck on Monday. I'm still praying. Did you see where Jim is trying to be like you?

Karen C