Saturday, September 22, 2007


Today was a day of not feeling well.

I read my friend, Jim's blog and it seems he was not having the best day either. A good day for a white blanket, a couch and a good old movie that makes you cry. A few movies I like are Now Voyager, Love Affair, Wizard of Oz and Pay It Forward.

I found this old drawing that I did of a broken fan. I thought I would see what I could digitally transform this drawing of mine into.
At first it was just playing with the lines and the shades of gray. It is interesting to see the vitality of the lines now that they intertwine with each other.
But add some color and the piece turns to fantasy. Your mind will look at it and create it's own story. But whatever you see, feel, emote - it basically started with a broken fan. I am sure there is a metaphor in there somewhere.
Copyright 2007 William H Miller All Rights Reserved


Anonymous said...

I like it. I thought for a moment I saw a ship. Actually I like all three.

Anonymous said...

I hate it that you two are both still feeling less than optimal. What is awesome is that both of you keep finding the beauty inthe world. Stay strong. I'll keep praying.

Love, KC

kellycoxsemple said...

Hey Billy? I know I've said this more times than I can count. But I'm going to say it again. You are one seriously talented guy. I've been super busy lately and unable to keep up with my regular blog reading. I make my way to Whimblog tonight, and I find the most beautiful pieces of art. Thank you so much for sharing it with those of us out here in the universe.

Glad to hear you're better!