Thursday, September 06, 2007


I watched the movie The Secret tonight before writing this blog and before heading to bed. I realize the blog previous to this was focused on what I do not want. So to change that let me start to say that I am grateful for healing from my surgery, I am grateful to be employed with a company that has great health and disability benefits, I am grateful to have great co-workers, friends, and family that have hung in there with me and provided me the help and spirit uplift when I need it most, I am grateful that my body tells me how it feels, and I am grateful that I have a creative mind that can visualize being healthy, to feeling well, and doing the multitude of things I want to achieve. It is this feeling that I want to have more of. It is this feeling of wholeness, of adrenaline, of creativeness, of empathy, and contribution that I look forward to growing each day stronger and in abundance. I can be what I see and feel myself being.

Gives a whole new meaning to sweet dreams.

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