Saturday, September 15, 2007


Today was about listening to your inner voice. We have lots of them. When you listen to them they will transform you. They can transfix you. They can translate for you.

Each of these eight images evolved from the previous.
As I went along, I listening to the inner voice which guided me in the transitions.
At times it was like transcendental mediation.
In many ways each of these art are family related by common transferred to the child canvas that is was created from.
You can look at these pieces individually and each stand on there own, or you can transverse the transcribed abstracted emotions and transfer those emotions into your own psyche.
Like a transducer, you will transmit your translated emotions to your those that you transplant the feelings and ideas that these abstracts bring forth to your conscienciousness.
Transform yourself.
Transport yourself.
As we are only transient observers here for a short time.
Copyright 2007 William H. Miller All Rights Reserved

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