Saturday, December 24, 2005

Yes, Armando There Is A Santa Claus

Just in case you want to track Santa, as he delivers his toys to all the good little boys and girls.... you can check out this Norad Website.

Wishing everyone PEACE on Earth, goodwill for all mankind, and hope for the best New Year yet. If you hold the hope in your heart Santa will hear it, Baby Jesus will hear it, and miracles will happen to make everything that needs to happen, happen. It is called Faith. So yes, Armando, There is a baby Jesus and he lives in your heart and keeps a watchful eye on Santa.

Go To Bed Now, Armando! too Jim, Karen, Burt, Mark, Cliff, Steve, PH, Kelly, .....and yes all you other good boys and girls.

Copyright 2005 William H Miller All Rights Reserved

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