Monday, December 26, 2005

The Games We Play

Today started with the tradition that my brother, Mark, started last year. We get up and go eat breakfast at "Joes" diner. While eating our plates of pancakes, eggs, bacon & sausage with cups of coffee we scratch off Lottery tickets. Last year my brother bought everyone tickets and he had a winning ticket each square was a winner and he won $500. This year Dad repeated the tradition for Mark in his abscence and it was a repeat of the last Dad won $2, Mom won $2, I won $2, but Mark's tickets brought him $25 he had multiple winners on each card, but unfortunately they were not for $50 each like last year, only $1 and $5 increments....still Mark's luck continues to shine! Mark was the big winner in lottery this year, unless my Cash 5 ticket wins big tonight! After a nice day of relaxing we were visiting by my Parents' friends, John and Jan Kuhfahl. (You may remember Jan from an earlier blog here for refresher). We exhanged Christmas gifts....Jan "Mona Lisa" Kuhfahl recieved her copy of the artwork. I got a nice date book to but all my "art openings" in. After opening gifts we sat around the dining room table and played games. I introduced them to the dice game called "Greedy" which my friend Warren France introduced me to while camping. Everyone except John enjoyed the game... something about not being able to roll a one or a five. Atfer that we played a couple hands of 135. A fun game even though I never seem to win. They we took some pictures by the tree (notice me and my new bow!). Now a few more days and I will be heading back to Dallas....artwork to get ready for my January art shows...check my website for listings and receptions.

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