Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Well this is the 600th posting on my blog! Wow!

Had my Drs. visit today and all of my blood work shows my body is working well. Some items the doctors think will improve now that the gallbladder is gone. But he said my liver, kidneys are all working well and my cholestral was really good! 184 (and that's without yogurt Michael!). He said that considering the surgery was only 4 days ago I was doing extremely well recouping and expected that next week I will be able to sleep on my side and have a wider range of motion in the adominal area.

I must say that it has been a wild painful ride and one that I do not wish on any of you. But the ride was made tolerable by all the friends and family that checked in on me, sent me cards, made me laugh (even though it hurt), took me for rides to and from the doctors, fixed me food, picked up items at the store, sent me text, emails and phone calls. It does take a village and I have one of the best villages.

Now it is time to try and get better each day so I can get back to my corporate job, get back in the studio and create some paintings (maybe I should do some on this experience! hmmm). Catch up with people's birthdays that I have missed along the way (August is such a party month!)

Here's to a much better September and end of August.

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