Monday, August 06, 2007

Random Thoughts

I had my colonoscopy today - thought of posting the pictures but decided you could live with out that pleasure. A few polups were removed.

Surgery is scheduled for Friday.

Mom comes to visit on Wednesday.

An artist friend, Jerome Ortiz, passed away yesterday.

My brother Mark, passed away a year ago.

Friends and co-workers have been very supportive during all of this. I am blessed.

Others are having health scares of their own - Armando, Karen, Jim, Burt's Mom -- thinking of positive thoughts of wellness for all of us.

Art - I think about it a lot --- popsicle sticks are piling up just waiting be become something new.

Andrew visited this past weekend, Patrick & Ellie have been with me the last two days. Comforting to have friends and pets that can give you some extra loving when you need it.

A warm bath is a nice treat.

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Kong You said...

Hi..... This is Daniel here. i can't help to noticed that you written that Jerome Ortiz passed away yesterday?

Is he the model Jerome Ortiz? The one that won the Mossimo Bikini Contest in Philippines?

PLease reply me. He's my friend as well. email me thank you