Thursday, August 30, 2007

Changing Perspective

I had a day that was not one of the better of the past week. However after reading Jim's blog today and after something I picked up on my phone call with my Parents I realize - I can let this illness Define Me or I can Define Me. What if it never gets any better than this? Then I am going to have to find a way to cope. Because sitting and resting, watching TV game shows and doing crossword puzzles all day does not pay the bills. So looking at things - Positive Attitudes Change Everything - I need to find the right P.A.C.E. and get back to doing the things that are important to me. One of those things is art. Artisan's Collective has moved and reopened it's doors, I have a commission piece to do for Flavors From Afar, it is time to switch out work, we have 2nd Saturday's coming up, not to mention a slew of charitable events to donate pieces too - Artworks For Life, Artist's Against Aids, LifeWalk - Guys & Dolls, Art on The Avenue, Designing my DIFFA jacket and more to come.

So I will take time to rest but will also try to find the adrenaline needed to jump start myself in doing creative pursuits.


Anonymous said...

I have faith in you. This too will pass.

Love Karen C.

eventyseventythree said...

Look at it this way my friend... you could be stuck in a house with Evil Dick and Danielle.