Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Surgery Art

Well I couldn't wait any longer and had to take some photos and create out of this experience.

The first one reminds me a a raft floating in a large ocean. Actually it is a manipulated photo of the area where they removed my gallbladder from and the raft is actually the tape that is holding my inner guts in .

This next piece is not what many of you might believe. No it is not an alerted scab or pictures of my diaherra on the edge of the tiolet bowl, but the light drifting through the blinds and captured on the wooden floor at 3am from a street light. You may remember my many nights of being in pain and walking around aimlessly. So to pass the time I took pictures of odd things I saw during that time.

I am still saving my popsicles sticks and have quite a collection of them now. I am sure at some point they will become the subject of an art creation. It feels good to get back to creating.

I know the drugs are working and not just because the doctor said so - because of the wild dreams I am beginning to have - I try and remember them --- this time my Mom & I leap from a plane and free fall into Lake Champlain where on the way down we were trying to spot and land near my Uncle Skip and Ina in their sailboat they were sailing down the St. Lawerence Seaway (we were very high up)... I remember asking my Mom if she had a good hold of her purse as well held hands and about to hit the water... then on to being in an upscale trendy boutique where Cindy Lauper was a salesperson and their was this ugly man with tattoos that ended up being a woman in costume... and a woman named Blair was fired becuase of a chocolate stain that got on one of the white leather jackets, and Drew Barrymore drifted into the shop as a Princess from another time and we left together.

Copyright 2007 William H Miller All Rights Reserved

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff where can I get some of those pills.