Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pop-art-sicles Sticks

Here are some photos of the many stained popsicles sticks that I have collected. Photos are the beginning of the art cycle (actually eating the popsicle is the first step). So while the rain poured down today in Houston and flooded many of the streets, I rested and finally took some pictures.
Each day I can feel getting better and stronger - little things like being able to roll on my side for a while without pain, having a hour go by without pain from indigestion, gas or diaherrea. But my spirit is coming back and it all looks brighter ahead. I would not have said that a few weeks ago when nothing was being determined.

I sent in my form to be a designer for the DIFFA jacket collection, very excited to be part of this next event to be held Feb 2007.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah for the rainbow of color that is your sticks. Funny, you are collecting things while I am doing major getting rid of things. One bedroom down with lots of stuff to give away.

Glad you are feeling better. Are you back to work Monday after next?

Karen C