Thursday, July 27, 2006


It is amazing how we are all connected.
I had the chance to connect and reconnect with some of my colleagues from when I worked at AT&T. We talked about our lives and what we have been doing and are doing. I surprised some of them. Which lead to some very indepth talks about God & Religion.
This connecting and sharing... this is the circuitry of life...turn it on and step into the light.

BIG BROTHER ALL STARS FAN SHOUT OUT TO MY BEANTOWN BROTHER SETH! go chicken george!, go janelle! (my final two picks!) They have heart and they have game.

Time is flying, many things to do and get done by Monday for the show. Great things are happening - people requesting art for charitable events, people asking me to be a judge of an art competition, people requesting help with business cards, restoration and new art, people buying art, and people just making sure I am still doing art. I am so blessed to be able to be doing all I can... I am living my dream.

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Anonymous said...

I'll step into the light as long as it's powered by an alternative energy source! Green something or another I believe!
You're starting a cult aren't you? It was bound to happen...that's cool...I can do t-shirts!!!