Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Been a very busy and long few days. I am in Houston and at my hotel...going to bed early because I have a very packed day of work tomorrow.

Had a great conversation with Jim on my cell tonight and he is done with "Majestic" and it will be hung tomorrow. I am so excited for him, and hope that during my trip to Buffalo with him I get to see it in person. Having great text messages with Burt - GO BURT GO ! I only wish I was there to take pictures of him biking and my other friends who are competing in the Gay Games in Chicago. Karen in back from her cruise, Armando is in training, Cliff's children are visiting, Steve is working on his house, Jack is back from his travels, Pat found a job and is back to work.... and

Thank you to Tim Anglin who came by last night and helped me paint the final parts of the sign.

I dropped off more recent work at Stretch & Frame to get ready while I am in Houston for the Buffalo Show. Now I need to work, find a place to live and do my art, and then fill in the rest of the time resting and getting invites out for the show.

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