Saturday, July 15, 2006

Guys & Dolls

After painting the first part of the signage at the Salons at the House on Fairmount today in 103 degree heat, sweating tons, and then going home and showering. I had the opportunity to see Rachel Beene! WOW! I had seen her act in plays before, but never heard her sing (except in elementary school) -- she has a great voice, and so powerful! You rock Rachel. She played the lead in the muscial Guys & Dolls at the Brookhaven Community College - not a bad show for how little the tickets cost. Check it out before it ends! Her "Sky" is played by a great guy who has been with the Turtle Creek Chorale for 15 years. Carl, if you are reading this, yes Mamma Rose was in rare performance, and on another note: Saw Phyllis Diller on "I've Got A Secret" the new one on the GSM! She has a new book out... I did not see Roseanne Barr around in a wheelchair anywhere. hmmmm.

More painting tomorrow...starting very early to try and beat some of the heat.

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