Sunday, July 16, 2006


Boy has it been hot!

I could not believe it, but the car showed for the first time I have ever seen 110 degrees! and this was at 6pm!

For the past two days I have been working on the commission design to paint the "Salons at the House on Fairmount" signage.

Saturday, was prep, getting supplies, washing the sign, sanding the sign, it had some letters that must have been applied on, and painted over, they would not come off, so I just had to paint over them. After getting the supplies, I painted the sign - WHITE (both sides!) and then took a break to let it dry.

I came back Sunday morning early, while I had shade and it was only it the high 80's. Wouldn't you know it - a bird pooped on the sign! Everyone's an art critic! But I carried on and I drew in the letters using a stencil I had made, by Stencils Online in New Hampshire. I then drew in the boxes. Mind you I was sweating like nobody's business.

One funny freaky thing that was I was taping using some blue tape, I rested it on the top of the sign, as I was tracing the letters it fell over to the other side. A woman walked by with her dog, I paid her no mind. Later I was looking all over for the tape. It had vanished! (or had it?). Later the owner stopped by and asked how it was going and I told him about the freaky dissappearance of the tape. He thought it strange as well, until he remembered running into his neighbor who was walking her dog and she had her paper in one hand, and something else in the other that was blue! (Coincidence? I think not.)

He gave me some blue tape he had in the house and I continued on my way.

I then took a break and met Tommy for breakfast. We talked about his job searches, and my first weeks on the job.

Then I returned in the heat not in the high 90's and painted the blue squares on the sign. I left after that, took a nice cool shower and rested for the afternoon. I returned around 6pm and worked till the sun had set around 8:40pm. I was able to complete the brown squares, and the squares with the reverse lettering, and a few other letters.

Tomorrow evening I will return again to see how many letters I can get done. It would be nice to complete the lettering tomorrow evening, and then the logos the following evening. Time will tell.

It has been nice that two people stopped by and admired the work and said that it look very nice.

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