Monday, July 17, 2006

the drip zone

One step further towards the completion of the signage commission. Tonight, in the 105 degree heat from about 6:30 - 8:30, I completed the lettering. Tomorrow evening it is expected to be 107 so there I will be again, shorts, t-shirt, big glass of iced tea, my paint and brush. The goal tomorrow evening is to complete the logo of the salon on both sides. I am happy with the way the sign is turning out at least from a distance. The dark paint is not as opaque as I had wished it to get a rich darkness (at least when viewing up close) you need 2-3 coats. But from a distance it is hard to tell the difference. I entitled today's blog "The Drip Zone" for three reasons - first is the dripping of paint which occurs no matter how hard you try for it not, second is the dripping of sweat from painting in such heat, and third is the zone -- I find that just like when doing art if you can find that inner peace, focus and concentration - you are in the zone - time flys, you do not mind the drips of sweat and paint, cars, people and dogs go by and you may never know because you are so in the zone.

So be in the zone!

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