Sunday, February 17, 2008

Breakthrough Secret

Today I was doing alot of work, as well as alot of thinking. I was thinking about the tasks that were keeping me busy, keeping me indoors on a beautiful day, but making me happy because I was accomplishing things.

This first visual is created from the one below. What is a breakthrough? It is when you finally see the secret, the hidden truth, or the light.
In the beginning you may have everything locked inside, holding yourself, not even sure of your inner strength, your direction, or how your going to break down the barriers ahead of you. But with thought and positive direction in your actions you can breakthrough and out.

For me I have several areas to break out - letting my inner creativity out, reaching out to a new audience of patrons, exposing my art to other cities and letting go enough to be able to profit from my art, creating balance, and creating catalysts.

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