Thursday, February 07, 2008

Short North

Tonight I ventured down High Street in Columbus - the area is known as Short North Art District --- I started by driving down the entire street and then finding a parking spot near a diner that caught my eye. The place looked like an old movie theatre - the marque in lights -- called Skully's Music-Diner. I entered it was dark with lots of neon, booths and tables you would expect to see in a diner - a large wrap around bar. I sat down and was greeted pleasantly by the waitress. Lindsey was her name, she was covered in beautiful tattoos, wearing a rockshirt, music from the 80's playing loudly, as I looked around at the diverse characters of individuals and friends carrying on and having good times to each of their selves. Lindsey recommended the Buffalo Philly Sandwich, a house specialty of Chicken covered with Buffalo Wing Hot Sauce, cheese, onions, peppers on a hoagie roll with some lite blue cheese, accompanied by their great curly fries. To top of this great indulgence (My trainer would have a heart attack) was their Macaroni Wedges - Deep Fried Wedges of Mac & Cheese with Ranch sauce - so delightful and hot - once cooled they become addictive. This place is truly a treat and if you get the pleasure of going there - make sure you give a shout out to Lindsey - that Billy sent you there. After my dinner - I took a very long walk down the entire High Street and back - (at least I got some exercise in). The street is lined with shops, restaurants, coffee bars, and galleries... even a White Castle. Beautiful murals on some buildings catch you attentive eye. It was very cold for such a walk, my nose started running because of the cold - at least I had my warm leather coat and my knit gloves (I did not wear my hat becuase I tend to get really bad hat hair - yes --- I am vain). I took lots of night pictures and look forward to posting them later this weekend when I can download them all and sort through the best of them. Can not wait to return during warmer weather and explore this street again.
The photo here is a photo taken with my iphone of the photo display on my camera... a message to all you art lovers ... have a heart and buy art for your valentine this year!
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Walker Evans said...

You should definitely try to come back during a Gallery Hop weekend (first Saturday of every month). All of the shops stay open late, the art galleries have new show openings, and the restaurants and bars are all hopping. Great for people watching. The neighborhood is always packed then!