Monday, February 18, 2008

Red Dot Day

Today was a red dot day.
For those of you who know - a red dot is used to symbolize the sale of a piece of work on a gallery wall when it is being displayed.
Why am I saying today was a red dot day. Because I want to visualize many red dot days to come. This is part of my goal. I want my work to sell and I want to see red I need to take the necessary steps to get my work out in front of people, new people, and people who want to take it home and call it their own.
But today was more then just that, it was a day when I concentrated on me. I focused on my health by working out and getting a good nights sleep. I focused on my art, printing several new pieces, committing some to be in the TAID show in March. I focused on me - I got a relaxing massage (Brian is quite good). I focused on the business of my art by attending the first teleconference of the Artist Breakthrough Program - meeting my fellow artists all on our own paths to breakthrough the barriers that have held us back. With artists across the USA, Canada and the UK - we all have similar struggles.
So now it is off to work on my goals towards next week. Two New Postcard Designs. One for 2nd Saturday, the other for Interior Designers annoucing my work, participation in TAID.
The piece I created is made from a picture taken today at the studio of a painting of a red dot (a symbol we use to indicate we are open for visitors at the Studio at Winter Street), a picture of graffati of a person holding themselves I found on my street, and a bubble candle light from the room where I got my massage today. Putting them together for me shows that it is only me that is holding me back from shining out and hitting that red dot like a target.
We should all have lots of red dot days.
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