Sunday, February 10, 2008


It was a busy weekend. After returning to Houston I awoke on Saturday and headed to the gym to work out with my Personal Trainer, Chris. I weighed myself and since I started working out with him I have lost 3 lbs.

After working out I returned home and changed and got ready for 2nd Saturday's Open Studios at Winter Street. It was a very pleasant day. I worked on a postcard & email design for this monthly event to help market and drive more traffic. One hilight was meeting artist/sculptor - David Addicks, who is known for creating the "Big Heads" and the large figures of the Beatles, not to mention Sam Houston. He came into my studio and started asking me about some of my digital pieces. After a conversation he introduced himself. I was honored. After the day and a double dozen or so visitors, I attended the show that was in the gallery. It was called "Well Hung" and showcased the artists who work at the MFAH (Museum of Fine Arts Houston) hanging the art. I took the picture of the paint can sitting outside the door of the gallery. Is your paint can have empty or have full?

After leaving I took this night time photo of the signage of Winter Street Studios. I went home and watched a little television before heading to bed early 10pm on a Saturday night. I read some of my new book by Alyson Stanfield - "I'd rather be in the studio".

Waking early on Sunday - I took a shower and a drive to find breakfast. I thought about my goals for a 27 day intense workshop on jump starting your art. I finished those goals and headed home to email them to my art biz coach. They say it works better if you share your goals with others to keep you accountable.

In the next 28 Days I will... Make a commitment to be on each weekly teleconference call. Before Feb 18th I will select my paintings to donate to TAID (Texas Association Interior Designers) Gala, which occurs on March 6th 5-8pm and submit my Information Form. Before Mar 6th - I will get a list of Interior Designers, create a postcard annoucing my participation in the TAID Gala and invite them to see my art by appoint at my studio, I will mail these postcards before Mar 1st On Mar 1st - I will Pick up my art at Artist's Alive and Well Show at One Allen Plaza. Before Mar 15th - I will create a concept to enter the Artadia Awards 2008 Houston which is in conjunction with the Lawndale Art Center, in Houston. Before Mar 15th - I will have lined up two artists to participate in the I.C.Art Studio tour in my home studio, and worked with them to arrange coverage during the event, the schedule to hang the art, hold possible preview party for our friends & collectors on the Friday evening before the weekend tour. I will work with these artists on the promotion of the event. Before Mar 1st - I will create and print a postcard invite as well as an electronic invitation to distribute regarding Winter Street Studios 2nd Saturdays - inviting people to my studio. Before Mar 15th - I will create a list of other shows that I would like to participate in this year and in 2009. (e.g. Huntington Prize, Winter Street Annual Show, Art Conspiracy 4) Before Mar 15th - I will create a short list of Galleries in this and other cities that I would like to send a proposal for show / possibly represent my art. Before Mar 1st - I will create the first 2008 Quarterly Newsletter and send it out to my distribution list. Before Mar 1st - I will update my website gallery with new work. Before Mar 15th - I will find an artist(s) to collaborate with on a show/event for the Summer or Fall of 2008. Overall I will focus on both creating new art and looking for opportunities to sell my art and profit from it.

The rest of Sunday was spent doing organization of tax reciepts. I am glad to have this done and can move on. Watching the Grammy's tonight and enjoying the legends that are performing.

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Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Billy: Congratulations on your health commitment and your new goals. It's an exciting time for you and I look forward to helping you nail this plan!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for getting back to exercising!!! I'm proud of you.

Don't forget No Tie on your list of things you have to donate to.

Very cool about David the big head guy. I can't imagine how exciting that most have been.