Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sore and tired and flat

It was a busy day, today. I was very tired. I was very sore. Why? Working out muscles that I haven't in a while. But it is good to work them and feel alive.

Tonight was Art Chatter meeting at Lawndale Art Center. We viewed and discussed Lynne Rutzky's Pen & Ink Drawings - After 9/11.
This picture is from one of the artist's nephew that is FLAT BOY that is traveling the world. So we took him to an artist meeting and took pictures with him.

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Anonymous said...

Sore and tired with you dear one. I am staying committed to my 4 days a week of working out even though I feel a little under the weather today. But I am bound and determined not to let all of these sick people up here in Wichita Falls ruin my DIFFA weekend, so I'm being stubborn and sticking with the program. And, thank goodness you have a representative for flat...cause you and I aren't qualified for the position!