Thursday, August 03, 2006

Chester, Bud and Art

After a great night of sleeping in and then knowing we were not jumping in the car to drive 8 hours. We headed for breakfast at Boulevard Restaurant for breakfast. Bud & Chester were big hits and check out Jim's blog for more pictures on that.

Then we headed to The Partners In Art Gallery to bring the work for the show. Bud & Chester loved meeting Joan & Glenna - all are excited about tomorrow's reception.
Outside of the gallery we ran into Roberta, an artist who is teaching at The Partners in Art studio. She invited us into her class to say hello and tell everyone about the show.
After leaving there we got gas ($3.09 a gl) and headed to Michael's home.

Saw this poster "The Jack Man" and thought of our friend, Jack, who had just called to say hi and see how things were going.

Bud is here in front of some art that I created last year when I was home.

The adventures continue at Michael's ....

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