Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Billy, Jim, Bud & Chester

The trip continued into the night, after a visit to Steak & Shake, after saying hello to many of our friends - Hi Karen (every church we pass), Hi Burt (every chinese restaurant we pass), Hi Armando (every Cracker Barrel we pass), Hi Cliff (every Adult Bookstore we pass - he makes you think about sex!, funny Karen's churchs always near a Hi Cliff), Hi Jack, Steve, Ann, Laura, Warren, Chris, David (every bar we pass), and Hi PH (every beauty shop we pass), Hi Pat (every donut shop we pass).

Entering Washington, MO - home of the Fredericks - creation of the largest painting by Jim Frederick. This is a picture of the bridge of the Missouri River - it winds and twists and is much nicer view during the fall, even at night (or so I am told over and over).
Waking up the next day to the wonderful smell of homemade biscuits, having one of Jim's favorites - Biscuits & Gravy. We left after a great game of Pictionary with Leezard (Jim's Niece) - after leaving Jim's parents home - we realized that we had stowaways. Well I told Bud & Chester they had to go home, I even dropped them off at the Golden Travel Agency, but alas they were closed, and we did not want to back track so we took them with us. You can read more about Bud & Chester from Jim and Chester's point of view in their blog (www.jimfrederickstudios.com/blog) and read Bud & mine's point of view here.
Bud & Chester found a comfortable chair as we visited the Howell's Home in O'Fallon, MO - we heard about Amanda's Biker Tiger Show and Scott's Sleeping, and I tried to keep Helen from telling Jim my secrets.

We left Helen's and traveled to the Arch - (see Jim's blog for pics)... to be continued

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