Friday, August 18, 2006

Billy, Bud, Dolly and Mark

These are collaged pictures of my brother. Jim Frederick helped the family by creating these with some decoupage and prints of my brothers photos. My brother had been working with my Dad on taking all the family photos and making them digital. It was a huge project but one that was so enjoyable to look back at the memories.

The road trip with Bud & Chester continued. Bud fell in love with Dolly! as we left Kentucky and entered Tennessee. Chester was all cracked up over it! (See Jim's Blog) - then we stopped in Graceland and Bud found memories of my Texas home!

The Bud settled in as I rested from the long drive. He partied on the mantle with my Art Knome.

Well back to getting into a routine, trying to get organized and get back on track.

Thanks for everyones thoughts, notes, cards, emails, and hugs.

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