Thursday, August 24, 2006

Faith Is Where You Look For It

Lots of ways that you can use your art. Sometimes you never realize how and when your art will be needed. But it does play a role, and it does effect people, and it does inspire people.

I got a letter from a young woman writer who attended my show in North Tonawanda. She was so moved that she wrote poetry based on my art. I was moved and touched by this generous spirit.

I wrote Delilah of Radio Delilah tonight - she wanted to hear from people who had been inspired by others. I wrote about how my art teacher, Lorrie Maurino; my friend, Jim Frederick, and my brother Mark Miller - had inspired me and how through a twist a fate and a lifetime - they actually were all together one weekend becuase of my art. I will always keep these memories, feelings and inspirations close to my heart.

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