Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Back in Dallas

Well I am back in Dallas - back to the 100 degrees + weather. The road trip was bittersweet with the untimely death of my brother Mark. Thank you to everyone who sent emails, cards, text messages, phone calls. One person whom deserves so much is my friend, Jim, who shared the experience with me, supported my family and me during this very difficult time. I love you, and I thank you. Now I must get back to business at hand, it is difficult, because I keep thinking of my brother. I know that he would tell me to do my best, so that is what I will do - I start work again tomorrow, I came home to some of the electrical equipment fried (Good thing I turned off all the computers), lots of mail and email to get through, and upcoming commitments regarding art shows and events to take care of. Already miss Mom & Dad, wish I could be there for them to help with the rest of the things that remain to be done at home. I am exhausted after two days of driving - very much enjoy to drive (much to Jim's dismay) --- I have pictures to blog.... it will take me some time so please check back and also check Jim's blog .

Love you all -

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