Thursday, August 03, 2006

Making Art From Tragedy

Bud & Chester joined Billy & Jim to visit Billy's Best Friend, Michael. Michael was in a tragic accident. On Sunday evening after a phone call with me, he decided to go out for a bike ride. During the ride he was hit by a car that came through a stop sign, and then drove away. He flew over the handbars and through the air and hit is shoulder and face. And NO he was not wearing a helmut. It could have been so much worst but he is bruised and has a broken clavicle.

After Bud & Chester gave some of their elfin magic love to Michael, they were offended that he was on the phone with work. So they headed for the door.

But once they got there, they looked up and wondered how can we open the door? So they came back and sat down and visited some more. They sneaked out when Billy & Jim finally left.

I created this piece of art which we named " Head over Handlebars" using pictures of the bruises, scabs, and injuries that Michael suffered from his bike hit and run. You never know how an artist can be inspired!

Check Jim's Blog for more adventures as well as check back here for more pictures of the show and more...

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