Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bud & Chester Continue Cross Country

Bud & Chester had so much fun Tuesday afternoon. They left Helen's to go visit to the St Louis Arch (see Jim's Blog) After which we entered Illinois, we stopped by the Welcome Center -- I think Chester scared the attendant as she refused Jim in allowing her picture to be taken with these cute guys.

Then we got hungry for lunch and we stopped at McDonald's in Vandalia, IL - Bud asked Megan for a picture and she agreed, then we went to the next window where Chester again scared the girl (Lisa) handing us the food and she refused to have her pciture taken. This is why Jim will not talk about what happened.

Then we heading east towards Indiana and at some point we crossed the time zone -- in one second and in one hour we went about one inch (thanks Seth the Einstein of Massachusetts for that!)

Then we entered Indiana - stopped at the welcome center, stopped at the Candle Shop (but it was closed at 7pm) - finally made it to the Hotel (see the Mother Daughter Check in Clerks on Jim's Blog) then we blogged and bedded down for the night.

Today was a great day for phone calls from the past. I talked with my high school Art teacher, Lorrie Maurino, who mentioned that Wendy Domster will also be in town, and then later a call from Debbie Petrious (Heintz) from Hgh School. So many great things..... check back for Wednesday's Adventures with Bud & Chester (and Jim!)....

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