Thursday, August 03, 2006

Getting to Getzville

After passing through Pennsylvania and into New York and arriving at 122 Lyrae. Here is Bud at the home of the Millers.

Bud & Chester (Jim too!) were treated to the Buffalo's Best - Bocci Pizza (Best Pizza Anywhere!)and Chicken Wings (not as good as Duffs, but Jim needed to have a comparison).

Bud wanted to go for a ride in Mark's new PathFinder! No Chester, he is not posing to be a hood ornament.

The Boys hopped in the car with Mark, Mom, Jim and Billy and off to Andersons Ice Cream!

They has Chocolate Vanilla Twist custard and lemon ice, they were a big hit meeting many of the people from Western NY and invited them to the big Art Show!

Now they hang the show and have more fun looking at the sites.

More pictures on Chester's & Jim's Blog

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