Thursday, November 09, 2006


I created this image from the word "Piriformis" which I learned from my trainer at 24 Hour Fitness. It is a stretching exercise that I do to help correct my standing position. It seems that my tendacy is to have my feet turn outwards.

The piece that I created used the words and by changing the color and using the shapes of the letters created a abstract that as influences that I can see of Joan Miro and Kandinsky.

Had lunch today with Carl who is adjusting well to living in Texas. Although I had to laugh when he said that he can not believe that it is November 9th and it was going to be 87 degrees. I love it - but he said he wanted snow!

Mom & Dad called today with news ! They have found a little brown/grey house to rent in Myrtle Beach just off the golf course and near their friends. They are very excited because it is much bigger then the apartment they current lease. They will move in December 1st, and when I visit them at Christmas I will get to see the new place. Dad said he would send some pictures when they have the keys in their hands.

3 days till final weigh in!


Wicked Witch of the NorthEast said...

Piriformis... Billy... is that trainer playing with your piriformis? Cause that might be naughty! You be careful! This trainer sounds sketchy! (unless they're totally cute... then they are totally above board!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Billy! Remember me?? I drop in once and a while to keep up on you. :-) Sorry I don't comment more often. Couldn't let this one go by, though. It's stunning. I love it. If you're game, I'd love to link it to my blog tonight. Let me know.

Best with everything. I know you've got a lot going on these days. Take care.