Thursday, November 02, 2006

Officially Moving

Today it is official.
I was approved to move into the Pink House in Houston.
I gave notice at my complex and will be moved by year's end.

Starting 2007 out in a new city, with a new place to live, and a new arts community to get involved in. Becoming involved in the Dallas arts scene has taught me alot. Probably the most important thing that I have learned from those I consider mentors, friends, and watching new artists spreading their wings - "Create your own art scene", "Positive Attitudes Change Everything", "Believe in your self, in your art, and your message" and "Digital Art is Fine Art".

Had a nice evening with Burt and Jim at Starbucks, wont go into the details but it was a nice evening. Karen, Armando, Cliff, Jim L., Glenn, Jack -- we missed you.

I am going to use my time the next 6 weeks, to really downsize and get rid of many of the items I have collected over the years so that I can start fresh. So if you want art, now is the time - good prices to be had - if you need something and I have it -- most likely I will let it go (except my printers and computers).

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