Monday, November 06, 2006

Get Into Pink

Getting there. I had another busy day. I worked out with my trainer Cliff today, we worked hard. I am hopeful that this will push into the next bracket of weight loss. When I weighed in today I was at 276 - that makes 19 pounds. Only one more to get into the 20 pound range.

Created this image, experimenting with color and shapes. It is a busy season for creating art. I have projects for PACE 3 in Dallas and the $100 Box Show in Houston coming up.

I had a great conversation with Michael tonight. He mentioned that his friend Gretchen and him talked about "The Pink House Gallery" and Gretchen came up with a great tagline - "Get Into Pink." I love when friends can brainstorm and share cool ideas.

Carl is in Texas --- Hell must be freezing over. But I am glad that he is here and I hope that we can get him a job somewhere soon.

Jim - I enjoyed our conversation today.

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