Monday, November 13, 2006

What the bleep...

I have these moments and I had one just now which is inspiring me to write this blog even though I had planned on going to bed without writing. (Kinda like Seth).

It was a day that was trying, but I held in there. It was a day of communicating with my friends. It was a day of being true to my goals.

In the evening before I go to bed I have a ritual. I have a deck of cards called the 72 names of God ( On each card is 3 hebrew words which each represent God. On each card is a meditation along with the words. You are supposed to reflect and meditate and pick a card - which I do - and below is what todays card read:


I am aware of the divine sparks in every person. Their true essense is awakened in my heart. I become wiser in the ways of the world. I percieve the repercussions of my every word and deed, and I know that sharing acts towards others are always in my own best interest.

What made this the selection of this card on this night a "What the bleep" moment is that as I was shutting down the lights in each room - the light switch - sizzled, like static electric charge, and it happened as I shut off the lights in my office and then in my bedroom. Then I meditated about today over the cards. My conversations with people from work, Mom & Dad, Denise, Jack, Cliff (my trainer), Jim, Tommy, the people I spoke about Karen, Seth, PaFred, Louise, Rich, Steve, Ph, others at work, people I emailed and responded to in email, and my brother Mark, who I always think of before going to bed.

So then I read the meditation - divine sparks.
and Mark's nickname was Mark the spark.
Coincidence that I picked this card? Hmmm, you decide - I think it was a message from God.

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