Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's a Starbucks Christmas!

Starbucks -
Attending - Burt, Timmer, Jim, Bob & Joe, Glenn & Jim L., and Armando
Lots of fun talk, and sometime what is said at Starbucks, stays at Starbucks. They were already putting the Christmas displays up which really upset Timmer and Armando who think the commercialization is much too early. Bob & Joe are traveling somewhere at Christmas, but it is a we do not know. The joke of the evening - "Do Republicans Use Bookmarks?" - "No, they just prefer to bend over pages."

And for those of you keeping track - the weigh in today with the trainer was at 274 (Hurray! 21 pounds and counting)...only 4 more days until the final weigh in.

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