Saturday, December 02, 2006

Art, More Art, Song and Jail

The evening started out with Art Rage Us III - where another great show of the art group was there for a good cause to raise money for the Resource Center of Dallas.

Meanwhile across town Jim Frederick was holding court and showing more art at the 5th Anniversary Show of Uptown Vision. A great place to get your eyes checked, new glasses and view great art. A shout out to Dr. Bill & Dr. Ellen who make it a great place. Jim can be seen sporting some new eyewear.

The a trip to Art Conspiracy II -- another great event, with lots of great artists ---including such good friends as Al Glover, Robb Greenhoe, Jim Frederick, Michael Zoweicki, Scott Frelick, SJS, Erica F. and more....

The art work was almost gone when Denise, Carl and I showed up but as usual the energy was great and the place was packed! After the bidding was over we headed to a few cabarets so see some singers - William Blake at Phases, and then to the Hideaway. Denis made friends everywhere we went.

The evening was interrupted by a call from Denise's daughter who was in jail becuase of an unpaid ticket. So it was my first time to go to jail and bail someone out. We took this picture but I can tell you when we got in the car it was no laughing matter.

Now I am heading to bed after a great evening with my friends - lots of love... and art... and drama... what better way to spend an evening.

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