Sunday, December 17, 2006

More Packing...more love.

Sometimes it just seems like the packing will never end. Getting closer though. Had a busy day of packing and getting things arranged. Carl was here with me most of the day as we packed and packed.

Armando came over in the morning with Cliff's handy folding cart and we moved some boxes that I had from my old job out of storage to go through - I got rid of half of the stuff. We took the bed headboard and footboard to the dumpster, and they crushed it right then. We did not stay around because we were sure it would break the dumpster. Then we headed to his storage unit to drop off the back seats from Jim's Honda, then a hearty breakfast at Market Diner.

Then we headed to Oakcliff, where we picked up my art and cards from Nodding Dog and said good bye to Darren. We stopped at Artisans Collective, and saw Ted, picked up a painting and then headed home. Of course Ted, says hi to Jim, and sends his love and support, and to call if anything is needed.

Then more packing... and packing... finally we took a break for dinner and we were joined by Burt, Armando & Cliff - we eat at Black Eye Pea and had a nice time. Everyone asked if anyone had heard from Jim - everyone said no, but several had placed calls or emails. I mentioned what I read on the blogs. Karen sent a message to everyone asking if anyone had heard, she had called several times. The answer is no. No one has heard from Jim. Don't think that will stop us.

More packing and getting closer to being done --- almost 90% done --- a few more boxes of clothes, the computers, and miscellaneous stuff. Then it is about concentrating on my friends... and seeing my family for Christmas.

Hugs & love to all - especially the Freds... xxoo

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