Saturday, December 23, 2006

Myrtle Beach - The Fog & Family

It was a rainy morning, but then the clouds parted and the sun came out. After finishing some last minute Christmas shopping with Mom, we headed for our annual trek to the beach. Upon arriving we found it to be quite foggy. I was reminded of the fog the was recently at the Fredericks homestead in Missouri.

I took these pictures while I was transfixed with the limited sight, the smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves, the cool breeze on my cheek.
The beach at this time of year is usually deserted... and this time we were not disappointed. But do not let that fool you there is plenty of life going on. Tiny sea creatures, birds, the evidence of human tracks on foot and automobile...and even a sign that this time of year is the breeding of sea turtles.

An finally, a picture Mom asked me to take - some holly that was growing in a bush near the dunes. Quite fitting for being here in December.

Back to the house to wrap gifts, eat more turkey leftovers, write out my Christmas cards (late again no surprise). It has been wonderful to get emails from my uncle Dennis (we laughed and laughed). But I think of all the family that we have scattered around the country - Dennis and his family Karen, Chesley, and Josh in Florida, My Aunt Tiny & Uncle Don in Florida or visiting my Cousins in Upstate New York - Tammy, Ken, Krystal, Kaitlyn, and Chrissy, Greg, Devyn; Uncle Skip and Ina in Tennesse, with my cousins families in Tennessee and Vermont - Andrea, Len, Zachery, Sarah, Hanna, and Ricky, Sarah, Lindsey, Bradley, Earl, Dustin, Marhia, Aaron, and Shelly, Mark, Maxwell, Cameron. Then we have Aunt Jean and Carla in Concord, Ca with Cousin Larry somewhere in the National Park, and Cousin Linda, Wayne, Jason & Jessica with her family on the island of Hawaii - and Aunt Sandy and Cousin Michael in Buffalo, NY.

And then there is my extended family of friends - too long a list to mention by name. and my blogger family of friends that I have met through keeping this journal of events for the last 491 posts ! almost 18 months.

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Stop staring at the breeding sea turtles you freak.