Sunday, December 24, 2006

Twas the day before...

Today was a relaxing day. We started with the usual breakfast at the local breakfast place called Akels. Then home to rest. After which Dad aproached me about going to Michaels since there was a coupon for 50% off and discounts on framing. He had mentioned he wanted me to go with him so he could get 3 of the prints that I did, that they now own, could be framed and they could hang them in what is now the "Miller Gallery" with artwork from my mother, Dorothy and myself.

Little did Dad know that Mom & I had already bought frames & Mats for xmas and planned on framing it the next day. Well that prompted a pre-opening of some gifts. After opening the frames and mats, Mom said she wanted to open the box that has been sitting in the house for over a week now. It was the painting that they wanted that was first on my blog - called "Piriformis", here the proud collectors are in front of their new art. Mind you they decided to hang it horizontal (not the way the artist intended, but it still works).
Then Mom decided to cook the roast beef today for dinner, so she got to open another gift. A gift to the Chef! a electronic thermometer - it was ironic that we were on a phone call with Uncle Skip and Ina a few hours ago talking about the "standing Crown roast" and Ina's new thermometer - same as my mom was to receive. Early she was telling how she needed to check it the old fashioned way, and the oven was off 100 degrees.

Here is the finished Roast! Yum Yum.

After finishing dinner, I played a round of Jewel Quest. Thanks Ma Fred for turning me on to that. The rest of the day was visiting with the Kuhfahls, hanging pictures in the house, and napping, a few calls from friends in Dallas (Carl, Steve & PH).

Hope everyone has a great Christmas eve. And Santa if you are reading, do not go to Armando's house becuase he is burning a fire in his chimney.

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