Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sunsets and Strength

Well I saw the most beautiful sunset tonight. It is such a blessing to have a moment with one's self and nature. In many ways it could be viewed as a metaphor for my time left in Dallas.

This is an ornament that I received at my group of friends Holiday Party and the ornament exchange we had. It has a meaningful story to go with it that I will not share here...but in the spirit of paying it forward - I send strength to my friend, Jim.

This is Cliff, my trainer. We finished our time here in Dallas and took this picture to show what we accomplished. 30 Pounds lost since Oct 1st, still aways to go but a decent start.

The day was filled with work, boxes, dinner with Friends, eggnog and coffee, Starbucks with Friends, funny storys, more packing, blogging and now bed.

Dear Ma Fred -
Keep Jogging and I will too !

Dear Jim - remember that painting is the best type of communication that there is. XXoo Hugs and more - Billy

Hi to Pa Fred (keep blogging) and Virgil! Molly & Gracie and the rest of the Freds.

Myrtle Beach --- here I come!


Anonymous said...

That's your trainer~! now I understand part of your motivation :) Sign me up!
-princess speedy

Anonymous said...

you're lukin great!

got ur messages