Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Goddess Returns

I got a surprise tonight. In my desperate search for the box containing the coffee pot (I needed my caffeine) - I opened several boxes almost completing all of the kitchen items - I finally found the box with the coffee pot.

To my surprise it had someone very special guarding it, "The Goddess".

For those of you who do not know the story of the goddess I will try and update you in few words. When I moved from New Jersey to Dallas in 1995, my friend Carl, placed The Goddess in my car secretly (I found in Getzville NY). After finding the Goddess - I took pictures of myself and her on the road trip to Dallas (Similar to Gnomes). Then I sent the Goddess back with a scrapbook of pictures to Carl in NJ, then Carl moved to NYC - the Goddess resided on 14th Street for some years until she moved back to NJ with Elisabeth B., then she moved to the Fort Worth area when she moved back to TX (picking up a few scars from the move), then moved again to North Richland Hills with the entire Beene family (of which Carl is now visiting while looking for work in Dallas)...then when Carl was helping me pack - slipped the Goddess in with the coffee pot and now she resides at 1820 Lubbock in Fort Worth.... I wonder how long she will stay? hmmm.

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